Adviser Essentials: Goal Setting

Adviser Essentials: Goal Setting

Goal setting is the foundation of successful student activity groups. A student organization—whether it's student council, Honor Society, pep club, chess club, science club, or any of the other myriad student groups—exists for a reason. An important step in planning for a successful year is establishing or reaffirming the reason for the group's existence and setting goals to support it.  Rather than letting your organization’s members aimlessly pick up where the organization left off the previous year—jumping right in to plan activities without thinking about why they are sponsoring the activities and if they really want to do them—the act of setting goals will help clarify for members what’s important and will help guide their actions. Goals serve as a roadmap to help members build the organization they desire.

Adviser Essentials: Goal Setting offers guidance for both novice and veteran advisers on how to set goals for themselves and their organizations and how to teach student leaders to do the same. This essential resource for anyone who is responsible for planning projects and activities at school features:

• Benefits of goal setting

• Guidelines for goal setting

• Setting group goals

• Linking projects to goals

• Calendar planning

• Goals for advisers

• Teaching goal setting

• Reproducible forms

• And much more!

By making the use of the information and forms in Adviser Essentials: Goal Setting part of your organization’s standard routines, student leaders will begin to develop their own expertise at goal setting and your organization will have a new roadmap for success.

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