Adviser Essentials: Project Planning

Adviser Essentials: Project Planning

Project planning is the backbone of most student activity groups. Aside from meeting skills, student leaders use project-planning skills most often to carry out the work of their organization.  Although no two projects are ever the same-each has many specific details that make the event unique-the steps involved in planning the projects are usually similar.

Adviser Essentials: Project Planning offers guidance for both novice and veteran advisers on how to help student leaders work through some of the usual tasks that are common to all projects and encourage them to consider aspects they might not think of on their own. This essential resource for anyone who is responsible for planning projects and activities at school features:
* Generating ideas
* Backwards planning
* Project budgets
* Committee guidelines
* Tracking progress of projects
* Keeping project files
* Reproducible forms
* And much more!

By making the use of the information and forms in Adviser Essentials: Project Planning part of your project planning routine, student leaders will begin to develop their own expertise at project planning.

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